ciliate nuclei

David J. Patterson paddy at EXTRO.UCC.SU.OZ.AU
Thu Oct 27 20:38:00 EST 1994

sean, raikov's book is as good a review on the subject as any, and a 
update will appear in Eur J. Protistol. is the forseeable future. David 

On 26 Oct 1994, Sean Buchanan wrote:

> Subject: Ciliates
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> I am interested to find out how much is known about the structure of the 
> micro- and macronuclei of ciliate protozoa. For instance do both these 
> organelles have canonical nuclear envelopes with nuclear pores, lamins 
> etc. and are there any structural differences related to the specific 
> functions of these two nuclei. (I realise that the chromosomal 
> organisation is quite different between the two). If any one can answer 
> this question or point me in the direction of a potential answer I will 
> be most grateful.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sean Buchanan.

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