Glowing Dinos

Sat Sep 24 10:23:50 EST 1994

And then there is the other bedtime story about why some of the protists glow..
.  once upon a time the universe decided that some people should study and unde
rstand the smaller life forms.  But since microscopes had not been invented yet
 something had to be done to attract the attention of curious homonids.  Thus a
 chance mutation resulting in presure sensative membrane bound protein complexe
s releasing bursts of visable light was reinforced by the subtle modification o
f morphogenetic fields (sensu R. Sheldrake).  And some of the proto-humans deli
ghted in the fairy-light when they danced in waters by the seashore, others tho
ught it the work of angels, still others decided to investigate.  And we contin
ue the same pattern today.  All the while, the dinoflagellates laugh in their o
wn special way...

Goodnight,  Sleep tight,  don't let the bedbugs...

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