Creatures which glow.

Sun Sep 25 20:15:00 EST 1994

Recent messages about things which glow reminded me that we have here 
in New Zealand a small freshwater limpet (Latia neritoides Gray, 
1850, Family Latiidae Superfamily Chiliniacea) which glows in the 
dark. It is relatively common in freshwater streams under small rocks 
and should be able to be reared in captivity. I haven't seen its 
luminescent tricks myself but I'm told that if some are put in a jar 
and shaken up they glow quite brightly - enough to read print by. A 
paper on their luminescence was published long ago - Bowden (1950) 
"Some observations on a luminescent Freshwater Limpet from New 
Zealand" in Biological bulletin (U.S.A.) v. 99(3): 373-380. 

Perhaps this reference will be useful to someone?

Regards, Phil Parkinson ATPGP at

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