Dennis Goode GOODE at ZOOL.UMD.EDU
Mon Apr 17 13:50:27 EST 1995

Dear Dr. Colon,

Portia Holt & George Chapman published on cysts and encystment in 
Didinium in J. Proto. 18: 604. Glenn Walker and I also published on 
encystment in other ciliates if you are interested.

-Dennis Goode

> From:           jjc at dana.ucc.nau.edu (Joseph J. Colon)
> Subject:        Encystment/Excystment
> Date sent:      11 Apr 1995 05:45:33 GMT

> I am currently studying the encystment and excysment process of the 
> protizoan Didinia Nasutum, any articles or personal knowledge shared 
> would be greatly appreciated.
>                            Thank you,
>                             J. Colon

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