measuring dispersal in ciliates: any suggestions?

L Ramakrishnan ramakrishnan at
Thu Apr 27 00:49:35 EST 1995

        I am looking for experimental methods for measuring 
dispersal-related parameters.The beast in question is a Paramecium 
and the objectives are to look at  

(i) an individual's rate of movement between two 'patches' (connected
cells in a tissue culture plate). 

(ii) if/how this rate is influenced by density of conspecifics and other
variables in one or either of the cells. 

The only method I've unearthed so far is by Ojakian and Katz (1973, Exp.
Cell Res.) who give a model for gauging 3 or 2 dimensional swimming speed 
based on gas kinetics theory, The parameters can be estimated, but
the model assumes passive diffusion.

        Any suggestions or thoughts welcome,

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