Anne Farewell gmmaf at
Mon Aug 7 13:41:35 EST 1995

Veljo Kisand <veljo.kisand at> wrote:
>Hi netters!
>Does anybody have or know how I can get minicells which I like to stain
>with some fluorescence marker and use for protozoa grazing experiments on
>these bacterial mini cells?

Minicells-you mean small DNA-less cells, right?  I know that for E. coli it is very easy to purify minicells.  You grow the mutant strain (minB) which produces minicells periodically and then put the cells on a sucrose gradient to separate normal size cells from minicells.  I don't have a reference-but it was used as a way of preferentially labelling plasmid encoded proteins (plasmids go into minicells) by F. Neidhardt as well as others.

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