Aquaculture References

Thu Feb 9 16:58:54 EST 1995

        A while ago I requested information about the use of planktonic
ciliates as larval foods for fish or other aquaculture species.  Thanks to
all who responded.  One person suggested I post my findings, and given the
level of interest as guaged by the number of respondants, I thought is was
a good idea.  Unfortunately the list of published journal articles is
short.  There are some abstracts describing other projects, but no
publishable results resulted.  It is really not clear if the list is short
because of frustrations and failures at these types of experiments, or if
it really highlights an area of unexplored research.  If anyone knows of
other published reports, I'd really appreciate hearing from you.  There are
many recent and past articles examining ciliate:copepod links, but I have
not included them.   If anyone is interested in some of those references,
I'll be glad to send them along.

Ohman, M.D., G.H. Theilacker, & S.E. Kaupp.  1991.  Immunochemical
detection of predation on ciliate protists by larvae of the Northern
Anchovy (Engraulis mordax).  Biol. Bull. 181:500-504.

Stoecker, D.K. & J.J. Govoni.  1984.  Food selection by young larval gulf
menhaden (Brevoortia patronus).  Mar. Biol. 80:299-306.

Maeda, M & Liao, I.C.  1994.  Microbial processes in aquaculture
environment and their importance for increasing crustacean production. 
JARQ 28:283-288

Maeda, M.  1988.  Microorganisms and protozoa as feed in mariculture. 
Prog. Oceanog. 21:201-206.

  Thanks again to those who responded.

Dick Snyder
One Sabine Island Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL  32561

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