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Charles J. O'Kelly okellyc at megasun.BCH.UMontreal.CA
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In article <3fvtso$eah at> Dave Roberts <dmr at> writes:
>> Searching for files.........
>> which have picture files of micro-organisms, especially
>> Protista? I'm also interested in any teaching programs
>> (secondary or primary school level) to do with any aspect of 
>> microbiology (eg growth).

>Have you looked at the web site at Montreal?

Tim and I are working on new pages for this at present ... paper and
grant writing have delayed developments :-)

>Good luck.  If you find more, particularly stuff for the primary
>sector, I'd love to hear about it.

we'd love to have feedback from folk in the education community, at all 
levels, who have accessed the Protist Image Database, and/or have need of
this kind of information on protists etc.  this feedback will help us in 
future PID development.

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