Wed Jan 25 14:49:26 EST 1995

As some of you know, Dr. Donald W. Duszynski and I are compiling a treatise on
the Coccidia of the World.  We are currently putting together an NSF grant
proposal, due March 1, 1995, to aid in that endeavor.  Part of the grant
involves traveling to foreign countries and to the foreign libraries, to
photocopy rare publications.  We are looking for individuals from non-US
countries to write in support of our project; specifically Russia, China,
Japan, former eastern block countries, India, and South America.  If you are
willing to write a brief letter in support, it should be on insitutional
letterhead, state that you support our project, and that you would be willing
to help us out in your library.  Letters should be addressed to Dr. Donald W.
Duszynski, Department of Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
87131, USA.  I should also mention that we intend to eventually place this
systematic treatise on internet to make it available worldwide.

Thankyou in advance for this favor.  Steve J. Upton, Kansas State University.

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