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Bret Robinson bret.robinson at
Fri Jul 28 01:17:14 EST 1995

7th International Conference on Small Freeliving Amoebae

Venue:  Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital,  7-12  January, 1996

This specialist meeting on the biology and pathogenicity of Naegleria,
Acanthamoeba and other small amoebae will be a forum for clinicians
and epidemiologists, molecular and cell biologists and for all medical and
environmental scientists who are concerned with these organisms. 
Engineers, environmental health officers and medical educators
concerned with disease prevention are also welcome.

The paragraph above was part of the 1st notice for this conference. 
The registration papers and call for abstracts are available NOW.  If you
have not been on our mailing list and would like to have details, please
E-mail me your fax number (fax is proving more reliable than appending
files).  Good value at $A280!!

Convenor: Bret Robinson  E-mail bret.robinson at
Correspondence Address:
7th International Amoeba Conference
C/- Aust Water Quality Centre 
Private Mail Bag, Salisbury
South Australia 5108   AUSTRALIA
FAX 61-8-2590228

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