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>Dear Colleagues
>I am currently working on a marine ciliate, Fabrea salina, using a PCR 
>approach to try to identify some particular genes. Unfortunately, I do not
>know whether the ciliate genome is generally more similar (with regard to
>base composition, gene organization a.s.o.) to that one of higher or lower
>organisms. I ned this piece of information in order to design appropriate
>primers for PCR cloning.

It all depends what you mean by higher and lower.  I would avoid this usage
if you can.
That said, look to other protists in this order:
1) other ciliates
2) dinoflagellates
3) apicomplexans
4) oomycytes
5) chrysophytes

These are all part of a "late eukaryotic radiation".
The first 3 form the Alveolata
The latter 2 seem to always come out near the first 3 in molecular analyses.
If that doesn't help, try Saccharomyces.


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