Tetrahymena Nuclei-separation

Dennis Goode GOODE at ZOOL.UMD.EDU
Fri Jun 16 14:22:21 EST 1995

  a03m at biologie.uni-bremen.de (Georg Kroeger)
on the Subject:        Tetrahymena Nuclei-separation
(13 Jun 1995 12:51:51 GMT) wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I tried several protocols to isolate Mic- and Mac-Nuclei from Tetrahymena
> thermophila. But none of them brought me to success. Could anybody give me
> an advice to isolate and separate these Nuclei without plenty of 
> centrifugation-steps.
> Carsten

If your Tetrahymena macronuclei are large enough they can be 
separated from other organelles in an homogenate  by filtering through 
a 20 um nickel mesh as done with Stylonychia by Schlegel et al. 
Chromosoma 99: 401.

-Dennis Goode
Dept Zool
UMD, College Park 20742

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