Musical Protists

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I don't think it was recorded, but one of the highlights of the 1987 
ISEP meeting in England (other than my pres. address of course) was 
the "Colonial" protistologists (from USA, Canada, Australia) 
serenading our European colleagues with Two of J.O. Coriss' 
compositions: "On the Phylogeny of Protists" and "Cell on the Move", 
to the tunes of "Bicycle Built for Two" and "Home on the Range", 
respectively. I'll send you the words if you want them.


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> A student of mine who recently completed my Biology of Protists 
> course gave me an audio- tape of Andrew O. Irwin singing 
> "Chlamydomonas."   It is great fun !!
> I know of very few recorded songs related to protists (Protistan 
> Blues by "Sneaky" Pete Rizzo being a notable exception).  Does anyone 
> know of others?  
> If you do please respond to me directly  and I'll compile a list for those
>  who are interested*.   
> Mark Farmer
> * and even those who are not!

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