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Wed Oct 11 22:18:25 EST 1995

Mark Farmer (farmer at wrote:
: Fellow Protistologists,

: In the future when we receive unsolicited email to this newsgroup PLEASE 
: just hit the delete key and ignore it.  By responding to the group (e.g. 
: using the reply function) you will only occupy more bandwidth.  The 
: sender is NOT a member of this group and will NEVER see your angry reply.
: This technique of mass emailing to user groups is known as "Spamming" 
: (after the Monty Python routine).  It is a pain in the neck but one of 
: the costs we pay for having an open and unrestricted flow of information. 
: If you are REALLY angry at a particular "spammer" please reply directly 
: to them and not to the group

Just to make life difficult for you many of the SPAMMERS have an invalid
address or if they are really nasty forge the return address and dump
the angry replies to another spot.  Administrators actually care and
work hard to try and minimize SPAM.  If you want to see what is
happening look at  Unfortunately this is one of
the downsides of newsgroups that are easy to post to - but groups like
this have really helped my teaching at a smaller liberal arts college. 

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