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>In my former life I had done some work at Yale on the Dicyemid 

>Mesozoa as possible steps between protists and metazoans.  We 

>examined r-DNA with what are now primitive techniques and found 

>G-C% similar to ciliates.  Our attraction to these beasts was 

>that they had a 32cell larval stage, an adult stage with an 

>irregular but "countable" number of cells, and only two cell 

>layers (but an odd condition of germ cells developing within a 

>host cell).
>After many years in "financial engineering", I have a curiosity 

>about possible follow ups and the current state of knowledge 

>about the evolution of multicellularity.  
>My old reprints are in storage and I don't remember exact titles, 

>but two salient references (Elliot Lapan and Harold Morowitz) are 

>in Scientific American and J.Zoology 1972/73.  
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