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SUMMARY of recent taxonomic changes within the Hypotrichida (Ciliophora), 
new genera and species, new combinations, diagnoses, terms, definitions  and
phylogenetic relationships, based on detailed descriptions of divisional
morphogeneses, as published in three papers (A-C).

Eigner P. (1995): Divisional morphogenesis in Deviata abbrevescens 
nov. gen., nov. spec., Neogeneia hortualis nov. gen., nov. spec., and
Kahliella simplex (Horvath) Corliss and redefinition of the Kahliellidae
(Ciliophora, Hypotrichida). Europ. J. Protistol., 31, 341-366.

Family Kahliellidae  Tuffrau, 1979 (new diagnosis p. 363) contains now the
following genera and species (all genera with new diagnoses, except 7-9):
1. Kahliella (Horvath, 1932) Corliss, 1960 (Basionym: Kahlia): K. acrobates
(Horvath, 1932) Corliss, 1960; K. simplex (Horvath, 1934) Corliss, 1960.
2. Deviata Eigner, 1995: D. abbrevescens Eigner, 1995; D. bacilliformis
(Gelei, 1954) Eigner, 1995.
3. Neogeneia Eigner, 1995: N. costata (Kahl, 1932) Eigner, 1995; N. hortualis
Eigner, 1995.
4. Engelmanniella Foissner, 1982: E. mobilis (Engelmann, 1862)  Foissner,
1982 (Basionym: Uroleptus mobilis).
5. Parakahliella Berger, Foissner and Adam, 1985: P. macrostoma (Foissner,
1982) Berger, Foissner and Adam, 1985 (Basionym: Paraurostyla macrostoma); P.
haideri Berger and Foissner, 1989; P. terricola (Buitkamp, 1977) Berger,
Foissner and Adam, 1985 (Basionym: Paraurostyla terricola).
6. Coniculostomum Njine, 1979: C. monilata (Dragesco and Njine, 1971) Njine,
1979 (Basionym: Laurentiella monilata, Laurentia monilata).
7. Paraurostyla weissei (Stein, 1859) Borror, 1972 (Basionym: Urostyla
8. Onychodromus quadricornutus Foissner, Schlegel and Prescott, 1987.
9. Laurentiella acuminata (Fedriani, Martin and Perez-Silva, 1976),
(Basionym: Laurentia).

New combinations:
Deviata bacilliformis (Gelei, 1954) Eigner, 1995 (Basionym: Kahliella
bacilliformis). Neogeneia costata (Kahl, 1932) Eigner, 1995 (Basionym:
Kahliella costata). Orthoamphisiella franzi (Foissner, 1982) Eigner, 1995
(Basionym and former combination: Gonostomum franzi,  Kahliella franzi).

Terminology and definitions (pp.342-243): 
"Neokinetal anlage", "neokinetal wave", "multiple within anlage", "combined
cirral row", "parental cirral row in interphase", "right and left cirral
rows", "long and short cirral rows". Within anlage, de novo, apokinetal. 

Schematized computer drawings of processes during morphogenesis (pp. 360-361)
in five kahliellid genera (Neogeneia, Kahliella, Engelmanniella,
Parakahliella, Coniculostomum).

Eigner P. (1994): Divisional morphogenesis and reorganization in
Eschaneustyla brachytona Stokes, 1886 and revision of the Bakuellinae
(Ciliophora, Hypotrichida). Europ. J. Protistol., 30, 462-475.

Subfamily Bakuellinae Jankowski, 1979 (new diagnosis p. 473) contains now the
following genera and species (all genera with new diagnoses):
1. Bakuella Agamaliev and Alekperov, 1976: B. marina Agamaliev and Alekperov,
1976; B. crenata Agamaliev and Alekperov, 1976; B. salinarum Mihailowitsch
and Wilbert, 1990; B. walibonensis Song, Wilbert and Berger, 1992 (assignment
uncertain); B. edaphoni Song, Wilbert and Berger, 1992; B. pampinaria Eigner
and Foissner, 1992. 
2. Keronella Wiackowski, 1985: K. gracilis Wiackowski, 1985.
3. Holostichides, Foissner, 1987: H. chardezi, Foissner, 1987; H. terricola
Foissner, 1988; H. typicus (Song and Wilbert, 1988) Eigner, 1994; H. wilberti
(Song, 1990) Eigner, 1994.
4. Eschaneustyla Stokes, 1886: E. brachytona Stokes, 1886.

Eschaneustyla terricola Foissner, 1982 is a junior synonym of E. brachytona
Stokes, 1886. 
Genus Parabakuella Song and Wilbert, 1988 is a junior synonym of the Genus
Holostichides Foissner, 1987. 

New combinations:
Holostichides typicus (Song and Wilbert, 1988) Eigner, 1994 (Basionym:
Parabakuella typica).
Holostichides wilberti (Song, 1990) Eigner, 1994 (Basionym: Periholosticha

Terminology and definitions (p. 472): "Midventral row", "short midventral
row", "long midventral row", frontoterminal cirri.

Key to the genera of the Bakuellinae (p. 474).

Eigner P. and Foissner W. (1994): Divisional morphogenesis in Amphisiellides
illuvialis n. sp., Paramphisiella caudata (Hemberger) and Hemiamphisiella
terricola Foissner, and redefinition of the Amphisiellidae (Ciliophora,
Hypotrichida). J. Euk. Microbiol., 41, 243-261.

Familiy Amphisiellidae Jankowski, 1979 (new diagnosis p. 254) contains now
the following genera and species (all genera with new diagnoses):
1. Amphisiella Gourret and Roeser, 1888: A. marioni Gourret and Roeser, 1888;
A. australis, Blatterer and Foissner, 1988; A. perisincirra (Hemberger, 1985)
Eigner and Foissner, 1994. 
2. Amphisiellides Foissner, 1988: A. illuvialis Eigner and Foissner, 1994; A.
atypicus (Hemberger, 1985) Foissner, 1988 (Basionym: Uroleptoides atypica,
assignment uncertain).
3. Paramphisiella Foissner, 1988: P. caudata (Hemberger, 1985) Foissner, 1988
(Basionym: Uroleptoides caudata).
4. Paragastrostyla Hemberger, 1985: P. lanceolata Hemberger, 1985.
5. Gastrostyla Engelmann, 1862: G. steinii Engelmann, 1862. 
6. Hemiamphisiella Foissner, 1988: H. terricola Foissner, 1988.
7. Pseudouroleptus Hemberger: 1985, P. caudatus Hemberger, 1985.

New combination:
Amphisiella perisincirra (Hemberger, 1985) Eigner and Foissner, 1994
(Basionym and former combination: Tachysoma perisincirra, Lamtostyla

Suborder Discocephalina Wicklow, 1982 (new diagnosis p. 255).

Terminology: "Amphisiellid median cirral row", "discocephalid median cirral
row", "postperistomial cirrus".

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