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In article <42v658$b4m at> p.eigner at writes:
>SUMMARY of recent taxonomic changes within the Hypotrichida (Ciliophora), 
>new genera and species, new combinations, diagnoses, terms, definitions  and
>phylogenetic relationships, based on detailed descriptions of divisional
>morphogeneses, as published in three papers (A-C).
This is an awful lot of bandwidth for apparent self-aggrandisement.
Perhaps you should in future just create a web-page and point people to
it who might be interested.
(Or go whole hog the other direction and post your whole CV here). :-)


PS:  You wrote "phylogenetic relationships".   I assert that with no
   phylogenetic tree you have diddly to say about phylogenetic 
   relationships!!!  Divisional morphogenesis is but one character.
   By basing phylogenetic speculation on this alone you in effect say that
   all other evolutionary change is uninteresting?  And that this 
   particular characteristic is infallible?  Or that morphogeneis
   and thus phylogeny can be reduced to eigen-values and other shape-
   based mathematical gymnastics?  Phylogeny is not an abstraction.
   There... spleen vented.
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