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Thu Sep 14 15:23:57 EST 1995

Answer to Mark Siddall about Ciliate, taxonomy.

On February 27 1995 I wrote a detailed note to Protista about the fascinating
work on morphogenesis of the Hypotrichida (using only protargol impregnation,
as I stated there expressis verbis), about work in progress and the many
questions that arise. If you take time to read this note, you could spare
your sensless aggressions, because then you would perhaps  know what you are
talking about. I really would like to know the true reason for such
unsubstantiated criticism.
Where did I say divisional morphogenesis is infallible and all other
evolutionary changes are uninteresting. What a stupid thing to say (it would
be). I do not know exactly what you are doing, but I invite you to check my
findings with your methods. Since this is most likely not possible, I
conclude, that everyone has to search with his own methods, and sometimes one
great man (or woman) puts all findings together (I am sure it will be neither
of the both of us). 
Even for a taxonomist it is difficult to keep record of all (suggested)
changes, combinations and recombinations. My note is a help for everybody who
needs to know about hypotrich taxonomy (and this newsgroup is mainly about
ciliates), all changes in the three papers are put in an easy order and
additional taxonomic information is given. Most of the recent hypotrich
taxonomy has come out of my Lab and next year I hope to write a similar note
Considering that most of ciliate taxonomy is only based on descriptions of
interphase morphology (which leads, as I have shown in my papers, to absurd
families and genera), I think that the investigation in divisional
morphogenesis and its complicated processes is a great step forward to a
natural system (even more dangerous is the people, who interprete wrongly
their own incomplete and superficial attempt  to describe a divisional
morphogenesis). You call morphogenesis just one character, but this depends
on the point of view. Just apply now other  characters to my new family
Kahliellidae (as you say is necessary) and lets see what comes out. Besides
all this, I have taken results with molecular markers into consideration;
just  r e a d  my paper.
What does your question mean about my CV. Or do you just want to discredit my
name because I am an autodidakt and not a Professor as you probably are. 
Your cool note may impress some young student, but not me. The first thing I
learnd writing papers, was that all criticism must be founded. 
Peter Eigner
Private Lab

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