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Nancy Bowers NANCY at SBII.SB2.PDX.EDU
Mon Sep 25 20:40:38 EST 1995


We are conducting a global biogeographic study of soil protozoa and are in 
need of surface soils and litter from the locations listed below.  If you 
live in or are traveling to these areas and would be willing to collect and 
mail (our permit specifies this mode of entry) soils to us, we would greatly 
appreciate it.  We will provide detailed sampling methods, sterile bags for 
soil, a shipping container, and pre-addressed mailing envelope.  We can 
compensate researchers for shipping costs.

Locations from where we need soils:

     Alaska                   Northern Canada             Greenland
     Central US               Iceland                     Scandinavia
     Most of Russia           Northern China              Japan
     Central Europe           Mediterranean               Turkey
     India                    Northern Africa             South Africa
     Saudia Arabia            Near East                   Indonesia
     Australia                Antarctica                  Madagascar
     Most of S. America       Northern Mexico             Island regions

Please contact either myself, Dr. Nancy Bowers (nancy at 
or Dr. James Pratt (pratt at if you are able to assist 

Thank you very much.

Nancy Bowers                     nancy at
Research Assistant     
Portland State University                  ~bowers/nancy.html
Portland, OR  97207              503-725-8039

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