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>We are conducting a global biogeographic study of soil protozoa and are in 
>need of surface soils and litter from the locations listed below.  If you 
>live in or are traveling to these areas and would be willing to collect and 
>mail (our permit specifies this mode of entry) soils to us, we would greatly 
>appreciate it.  We will provide detailed sampling methods, sterile bags for 
>soil, a shipping container, and pre-addressed mailing envelope.  We can 
>compensate researchers for shipping costs.
>Locations from where we need soils:
>     Alaska                   Northern Canada             Greenland
>     Central US               Iceland                     Scandinavia
>     Most of Russia           Northern China              Japan
>     Central Europe           Mediterranean               Turkey
>     India                    Northern Africa             South Africa
>     Saudia Arabia            Near East                   Indonesia
>     Australia                Antarctica                  Madagascar
>     Most of S. America       Northern Mexico             Island regions
>Please contact either myself, Dr. Nancy Bowers (nancy at 
>or Dr. James Pratt (pratt at if you are able to assist 
>Thank you very much.
>Nancy Bowers                     nancy at
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>Portland State University                  ~bowers/nancy.html
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