Unknown critter

bowser bowser at WADSWORTH.ORG
Wed Aug 28 12:35:35 EST 1996

Dear Protistologists,

We are attempting to identify an unknown organism in sediment samples from
the Santa Barbara Basin, California. This is a dysoxic site, ca. 580 meters
water depth. The organism is found in Beggiatoa mats.

We have posted an image of the unknown critter at the following URL:


[Be careful to use "global two-thousand" and not "globa 12000" in the URL].
The image is reached by clicking on the "tiny creature" hyperlink in the
third bullet on Bowser's home page.

We greatly appreciate your help!

Joan Bernhard
Sam Bowser
Sam Bowser, Ph.D.
Wadsworth Center
NY State Department of Health
Albany, NY 12201-0509
(518) 473-3856
bowser at wadsworth.ph.albany.edu
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