Interspecific Competition

Joerg Widera j.widera at
Mon Dec 9 14:26:33 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues,

I am working on benthic protozoa (Aufwuchs) in running waters. Recently
I am looking for informations on interspecific competition between
Ciliates (esp. Peritrichida like Carchesium polypinum or Vorticella
campanula)and Flagellates (heterotrophic Nanoflagellates). I would like
to know, if there is competition on food ressources, esp. Bacteria. I am
also interested in other kinds of competition between these groups of
organisms. I would be grateful for some hints where to find publications
on these subject and  for any information on this subject.

Thank You in advance

Joerg Widera
University of Essen
Inst. f. Ecology
Dept. f. Hydrobiology
D-45117 Essen, Germany
email:  j.widera at
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