Eugene E. Jones

Judy13W at Judy13W at
Fri Jul 26 00:13:58 EST 1996

To the protist discussion group,
I wrote to Mark Farmer, the Director of the Center for Ultrastructural
Research at the University of Georgia in Athens and he suggested I post a
notice with your group.  I'm not sure how to do this but here is the problem.
I am trying to find a Eugene E. Jones who was or is a college professor in
Georgia.  His field of interest was protozoology and he taught at a small
college in the Athens area that was taken over by a larger school.  He was
married and had 3 kids many years ago.  It is very important that I find him
and if anyone has any information that might help, I will by glad to tell
them the rest of the story.  My name, address, and phone numbers are as

                                             Judy Wallace
                                             Rt. 1 Box 10-B-1
                                             Eastsound, Wa.  98245
                                             360-376-4294  home
                                             360-376-2127  work  days mon-fri

Either number would be great to call collect, no problem, it really is
important if anyone can help,  thank you very much.

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