Soil Protozoology

David Lennartz lennartz at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat May 11 21:14:45 EST 1996

I am trying to obtain copies of the following two protozoological works and
would appreciate any leads to finding them, or perhaps someone in the group
would be willing to sell or trade for them on some basis (such as ... I have
a very good copy of Leidy's Freshwater Rhizopods of North America...1879):

The Composition and Distribution of the Protozoan Fauna of the Soil by
Harold Sandon, 1927 and

Essays in Protozoology by Sandon.

I am also extremely interested in receiving information, reviews, papers etc
regarding protozoans from desert environments and other extreme habitats.
Thanks to any and all in advance for your help.

David Lennartz

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