Time to Moderate

David C. Lennartz lennartz at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jun 20 13:43:51 EST 1997

At 11:06 AM 6/20/97 -0700, Mark Farmer wrote:
>Dear Protistologists,
>There is indeed too much garbage (Psychics, porno, pyramid schemes, etc)
>and it is now time to moderate this newsgroup.  I have contacted the
>folks at Biosci to see how this can be done and offered myself as the
>moderator.  What this means is that all messages will first come to me,
>and I will only pass on the ones that are of interest to our members.  I
>will NOT serve as a content editor for anything pertaining to protists
>but hopefully will be able to eliminate all the garbage that all of us
>have been bombarded with.
>I have not yet heard back from the Directors at Biosci so please be
>patient, hopefully we can set up this filtering system ASAP.
>Mark Farmer

>I still consider myself a protozoologist, but whatever.......Thanks for
taking this step.  I am not sure if my unsuscribe notice has been acted
upon, but if it has been, I will rejoin the moderated group (I would
appreciate it if you would notify me at lennartz at earthlink.net when this
happens so I can be sure to rejoin)

David Lennartz

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