Time to Moderate

Steve J. Upton coccidia at ksu.edu
Sat Jun 21 12:40:57 EST 1997


I think that's a great idea, and I hope Biosci agrees.  All of the other
newsgroups are having the same problems, and the only ones that don't
are generally web pages themselves that have a moderated web board.

In addition to our Cryptosporidium web page here at KSU, I now have a
web page on Cyclospora cayetanensis (if anyone is interested).  I should
also have some photos of it in a few weeks, if I can ever find time to
make it to the darkroom.  I also plan to create one on Blastocystis
hominis in the near future. I seem to be getting a lot of queries from
people on this organism.


Steve J. Upton
Kansas State University

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