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>From article <6472fp$iem at>, by "Sandy L. Berry-Lowe" <slblowe at>:
> Dear Protist folks,
>                                                She wanted me to
> order one fresh water alga and one fresh water diatom from ATCC.
> Interestingly enough they only have one diatom and it is seawater.
> In addition,both are very expensive (this is a non-funded project),
> each costing over $80.I was hoping that someone on this newsgroup
> could give me some fresh water alternatives. 

It sounds to me like she is looking in the wrong culture collection.
There is a collection of algal cultures at the University of Texas.
They have a number of diatoms and lots of everything else.  They 
charge about $20 per culture plus shipping (IIRC).  A catalog listing
what they have was included as a supplement to the Journal of Phycology
a few years ago.  This will give ordering information.
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