Amebiasis and HIV

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mon Oct 13 08:05:28 EST 1997

I was very healthly, albeit HIV positive, for over 10 years. On October
31, 1995, I contracted food-borne amoebic gastritis (Entamoeba hartmanni
and E. histolytica) at a restaurant. I suffered severe diarrhea and
weight loss for eight weeks. Within months, I developed Kaposis' Sarcoma
and full-blown AIDS.

Thanks to the new drug "cocktails" and a mass of holistic medicine, I am
now on my way to recovery.

I am currently in litigation with the restaurant, and am looking for
resources that may help my case.

If you know of any related research, or can direct me to someone who
might, it would be greatly appreciated.



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