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Opportunity for Young Visiting Researcher at The Natural History Museum,
London (NHM).

The EC Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) program has recently
approved (subject to contract negotiation), a network proposal -
"Coccolithophorid Evolutionary Biodiversity and Ecology Network (CODENET)".
This will involve interdisciplinary research on coccolithophorids by 8
European teams, co-ordinated by the NHM. Young Visiting  Researcher (YVR)
posts will be funded in most participating teams. This advertisement is for
the post in the NHM. The NHM team includes participants from the
palaeontology, zoology and botany departments and from University College

Research involved
The NHM YVR will work primarily on ; (a) Variation of U. sibogae, H.
carteri, and S. pulchra coccoliths in culture - including performing
culture growth experiments. (b) Neogene evolutionary record and  ecological
distribution of the direct ancestors of these species. Both projects will
use image analysis assisted biometrics as a core methodology. The NHM YVR
will also assist with the scientific co-ordination of the network.


Applicants should have:
Research experience with calcareous nannofossils; an excellent scientific
background; enthusiasm for involvement in multi-disciplinary research.
Precise expertise in the fields of research within the project is not

Legal Status of contract
At present the network contract is still under negotiation. Prior to actual
contract completion only provisional, non-legally binding, offers of
employment can be made.

Commencement date
Earliest commencement for employment is likely to be 1st Jan 1998 dates
back to about 1st April 1998 would be acceptable.

Eligibility restrictions
As an EC TMR project the following restrictions apply (and exceptions are
not possible, sorry). The candidate must be:
1. Under 36 years of age on commencement of appointment (N.B.  allowances
can be made for child care or compulsory military service).
2. Either have a PhD already or be eligible to take a PhD.
3. An EC citizen, or citizen of the following states which are associated
wih the TMR program - Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway.
4. NOT a citizen of the host country (UK) or have spent >18 of the previous
24 months based in the host country.

Duration, Salary
3 years employment, extension unlikely. Salary ca. 20k GBP/annum (before
tax), if post doctoral.

By CV to Jeremy Young (address below), by 1st Nov 1997.

Dr. Jeremy R. Young           Tel: +44 (0)171 938 8996
Palaeontology Dept.           Fax: +44 (0)171 938 9277
The Natural History Museum    INTERNET: j.young at
LONDON, SW7 5BD, UK           E-Mail Program used: Eudora

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