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Sue Brandt S.M.Brandt at
Mon Aug 10 08:15:06 EST 1998

Are you interested in creating a database of all known protists, or of =
all European marine protists?  I am involved in 2 database projects =
which are indexing all species, and I'm collecting names of protist =
taxonomists who might be interested in being involved.

Project 1:  Register of Marine Species.  A concerted Action project =
finded under the European Union MAST research programme.  I am =
co-ordinating protist lists together with David Montagnes.

Project 2:  Species 2000: indexing the world's known species.  See = A project endorsed by IUBS, IUMS, CODATA, CBD-CHM =
and the OECD's Megascience Forum GBIF.  A virtual catalogue of all known =
species created by accessing an array of taxonomic databases.  Each =
database has a global coverage of species within a taxon e.g. fish, =
legumes, mammals, and is validated by an international team of =
taxonomists for that group.  We don't want the protists to be left out!

The protist databases created for Project 1 will be used as a basis for =
global databases in the second project.  Therefore I am particularly =
keen to hear from people who have worked on marine protists in Europe =
(or have access to the literature for a particular group).  This project =
requires only a small amount of information for each species, so the =
time involved need not be great.

Please contact me if you are interested in either project, and I will =
send you more information.  It would be helpful if you indicate which =
taxa you would like to help with.

Please excuse the cross-posting if you are a member of algae-L.

Best wishes,

Sue Brandt (previously known as Sue Tong!)
S.M.Brandt at
Species 2000 Secretariat, The University of Reading, UK

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