Microbial Observatories competition/NSF

James E. Rodman jrodman at NSF.GOV
Thu Dec 17 08:39:57 EST 1998

Microbial Observatories
U.S. NSF special competition, announcement NSF 99-36
Deadline: February 22, 1999

Of interest to microbial taxonomists/systematists (microbes broadly
delimited to include bacteria, archaea, microalgae, protists,
filamentous fungi) is a new announcement for a special competition
through the U.S. National Science Foundation, for research at
"established environmental research sites" on "diversity,
phylogenetic relationships, interactions, and novel properties" of
microbes. The announcement is NSF 99-36, posted on the NSF website
at www.nsf.gov/pubs/1999/nsf9936/nsf9936.htm, or through the BIO
homepage of the NSF website under "What's New".
     Please pass this information on to interested colleagues.

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