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Mon May 4 07:31:34 EST 1998

Since Michael Sleigh's "Protozoa and other Protists" is now out of print
I have been using Hausmann and Hulsmann's "Protozoology 2nd Edition." 
It is an excellent book but my only complaint is that it is not a
"Protist" book and there is little coverage to traditional algal groups
such as green algae (2 paragraphs) or brown or red algae (nothing) and
thus is not as broad in its coverage as I would prefer. Also it can be
quite expensive for undergraduate students.  

I would also reccommend "Using Protozoa in the Classroom" published by
the NSTA and the Society of Protozoologists.  Finally a while back Mark
Johnson was collecting favorite laboratory exercises.  Perhaps he has
compiled them?

-Mark Farmer

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