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We have a new book, due soon, that is sure to spark some interesting
questions on evolution of land plants and animals.  If you would
like to purchase a copy..  just email me and I will send to you with
an invoice..
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Miklausen, A.J. 1998. The brown algal origin of land plants and
the algal origin of life on earth and in the universe.

from the Publisher's blurb:
"This treatise provides substantial evidence in support of a
brown algal origin of land plants and, therefore, negates the
long-held belief in a green algal origin. The brown algae, not the
green algae, possessed the parenchymatous sporophytes
characteristic of vascular land plants. The first prokaryotes were algal
phototrophs, not the heterotrophic bacteria. Thos Archean algal
phototrophs capable of becoming flowering plants established an
overriding phyletic trend of dorsiventrality for capturing sunlight. The
evolution of
motile aquatic to terrestrial animas involved dorsiventral apex to
base developmental processes with derivative bilateral modifications
for herbivorous and predatory food practices. The logical place
for the development of the first prokaryote was the circumpolar
Arctic euphotic shelves. Support for these assertions exists in
the reinterpretation of Lepidocarpon with a previously unthought of
dorsiventral root system. The evolution of a brown algal dorsiventral
thallus was followed by dorsiventral base to apex developmental
processes. The sporophyte preceded the gametophytes in origin,
and the sporophyte should be designated the N stage and the gametophyte
the 1/2N stage. Ontogeny does indeed recapitulate phylogeny.
    Brown algal transmigration to land occurred during continental
drift at different times and places. The origin of the leaf
as a planated stem caused botanists to read plant evolution in
the wrong direction. A brown algal origin required the reinterpretation
of many land plants, including corn, and he negation of some
existing concepts. The microevolution of life on earth began as
algal phototrophs; then plants and animals leading to land existence
progressively developed overriding dorsiventral morphologies, and therefore,
it follows that similar plants and animals, including man, should exist
in other solar systems comparable to our sun and planet earth.."

199 pages, 20 pages of B&W photos. hardcover. $60.00
plus about $5.00 surface shipping.

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