Paramecium Bursaria Size

phd at writeme.com phd at writeme.com
Thu May 28 06:58:51 EST 1998

I hope some kind protistologist out there can answer a
puzzling question that's nagging me for a while.

I have some pond samples with numerous green protozoa
that are between 400-450 microns in length. They
have all the Paramecium features - ciliated bean
/slipper shaped, single macronucleus, contractile vacoules
and numerous trichocysts fired when in distress.
Due to the presence of abundant green zoochlorella in the
cell body, I believe it is Paramecium bursaria.

However all the text references I have place the species
much smaller, at between 100-150 microns long.

Am I looking at P. bursaria or some other species?

Thanks for any response.
phd at writme.com

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