Illustrated Guide to Protozoa

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Fri Oct 9 09:32:05 EST 1998

Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa II

After several years and many unforeseen delays the latest edition of
the Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa is set to be delivered by April,
1999.  This much anticipated publication contains over 700 pages and
several hundred illustrations.  Contributed chapters from 54 of the
world's experts in protistan biology make the Illustrated Guide II the
most complete and informative book of its kind.  The editors and the
publishers of the Illustrated Guide II wish to publicly thank all
those who paid the prepublication price (in some cases several years
ago) for their patience and understanding.  If you have previously
ordered the Guide it will be automatically mailed to you upon
completion.  If you wish to check the status of your order or would
like to order a copy please write to: The Illustrated Guide to the
Protozoa, c/o Society of Protozoologists, P.O Box 1897, Lawrence,
Kansas, 66044-8897 U.S.A. or contact Sara Noonan-Schmanke
1-800-627-0629 or 785-843-1235 ext. 211   

Email:  snoonan at

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