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A new book has recently been published...
Aquatic Microbial Ecology. A textbook for students in environmental
sciences. by Yuri Sorokin. 1999. vii, 252 pp., 133 figures, 24 tables.
paperback. $71.00

Covers Bacteria, microalgae, protozoa, and microzooplankton, such as
larvaceans and rotifers. The main tasks of this book are: to develop a
methodology for adequate quantification and taxonomic identification of the
main groups of micro-organisms; to estimate their community structure,
density, and distribution; the evaluate their functional activity in the
production and decomposition of organic matter, in the turnover and dynamic
of nutrients and other biologically important elements; and to establish
their roles in the trophodynamics, and more specifically in their
productivity and energy balance. Chapters: Aquatic microbial communities:
phytoplankton; Bacterioplankton; Microzooplankton; Benthic microbial
communities; Trophic importance of microbial production in aquatic food
webs; Physiological groups of aquatic batceria and their biogeochemical
activity; Regional microbial ecology of pristine and anthropogenically
stressed waters; and Practical application of selected methods.

we expect copies in a couple weeks, if you would like to order one, just
email me.. shipping is around $5.00 for surface.. Please note, there
are no returns, if you need more info, just ask..


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