NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities

Rodman, James E jrodman at NSF.GOV
Thu Aug 19 08:00:47 EST 1999

Two Postdoctoral Fellowship programs are offered in the NSF Directorate for
Biological Sciences that may be of interest to students and others in
several of the PEET projects. One is new, and the other is starting its
second year.
I. (new) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Microbial Biology, NSF 99-142
(posted electronically only, through the NSF website at www.nsf.gov) with
deadline of October 25, 1999 and submission required via FastLane.
"Microbial" is defined as "protozoan [I would have said protistan],
microalgal, fungal, archaeal, bacterial, and viral species", and hence
encompass a fair portion of PEET-related people. The areas of research are
"microbial systematics, ecology, physiology, biochemistry, and genetics",
and the program explicitly seeks to broaden research to "non-model
organisms" (the world beyond E. coli and Tobacco Mosaic Virus).
II. (second year) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biological
Informatics, NSF 98-162 (posted electronically only) with deadline of first
Monday in November 1999 and with submission required via FastLane. Two of
the described topic areas are "Biogeography" and "Evolutionary genomics"
which I think are sufficiently broad to encompass many systematics-relevant
projects (no restrictions on taxa). The awards from the first round of
competition, last winter, should be posted by NSF on its website in the next
weeks or so, and those will give some indication of the kinds of projects
suitable for funding.
        The program manager for the BIO Fellowships is Ms. Carter Kimsey
(ckimsey at nsf.gov).
        Go for it!
James Rodman

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