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A Memorial to Gary Grimes

 Members of the Society of Protozoologists are saddened to hear that
Professor Gary Grimes of Hofstra University died on August 12, 1999 of
natural causes. He will be remembered as a dedicated scientist and
devoted teacher who applied many creative techniques in electron
microscopy to discover basic structural-functional characteristics of
protozoa, especially ciliates.  He has been an enthusiastic supporter
of the Society of Protozoologists and convened the first northeastern
regional meeting at Hofstra University in 1989.  More recently, on the
tenth anniversary of that first meeting, he organized the 1999
northeastern regional meeting at Hofstra University and provided an
intellectually lively convocation. A memorial service commemorating
Dr. Grimes' many contributions to scholarship and teaching was held at
Hofstra University on August 14, 1999.

Memorial Contributions
As a memoriam to Dr. Gary Grimes, the Society invites contributions to
one of its special funds:
   1) Seymour Hutner Fund, which provides a cash prize to a young
investigator selected for his/her outstanding contributions to some
area of protozoology; or
    2) Theodore Jahn Fund, which provides a cash prize to the graduate
student who presents the best paper and/or poster at the Annual
Meeting of the Society; or
    3)  Holz/Conner Travel Fund, which provides travel awards,
to students and young investigators, to assist them in participating
at meetings of the Society; or
    4) John Corliss Fund, which  endows a cash prize to a young
protozoologists for the most meritorious publication in ciliate
systematics in a given year; or
    5) Richard Hall Fund, which aids young investigators in paying for
publication costs  and reprints of meritorious papers published in the
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology; or
    6) General Fund, which provides support for the William Trager
(most outstanding paper published in The Journal each year) as well as
general support for Society functions.

Please write on your check which fund should receive your contribution
and send it to:

     The Society of Protozoologists
     Allen Press Marketing & Management
     P.O. Box 1897
     Lawrence, KS 66044-8897

A list of the individuals who make donations in memory of Professor
Grimes will be published in the next issue of the Society of
Protozoologists Newsletter.
 Gary Grimes will be sadly missed, however his inspiration of many
 young scholars will  live on as his intellectual legacy to science and
especially protozoology.

O. Roger Anderson

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