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Anderson, D.M. , A.D. Cemballa, & G.M. Hallegraeff. 1998. Physiological
Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms.  Contents: Preface Taxonomic Notes Theme 1:
Autecology. The Alexandrium Complex and Related Species - The Neurotoxigenic
Dinoflagellate Genus Alexadrium Halim: General Introduction - Morphological,
Genetic and Biogeographic Relationships of Toxic Dinoflagellates Alexandrium
tamarense, A. catenella and A. fundyense - Physiology and Bloom Dynamics of
Toxic Alexandrium Species, with Emphasis on Life Cycle Transitions - Genetic
and Biochemical Approaches to PSP Toxin Production of Toxic
Dinoflagellates - Bloom Dynamics of the Toxic Dinoflagellate Gymnodinium
catenatum, with Emphasis on Tasmanian and Spanish Coastal Waters -
Physiology and Bloom Dynamics of the Tropical Dinoflagellate Pyrodinium
bahamense Fish-killing Species - Ecophysiology, Life Cycle, and Bloom
Dynamics of Chattonella in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan - Ecophysiology and
Bloom Dynamics of Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae) - Bloom Dynamics and
Physiology of Gymnodinium breve with Emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico - Bloom
Dynamics and Ecophysiology of the Gymnodinium mikimotoi Species Complex -
Physiological Ecology of Pfiesteria piscicida, with General Comments on
"Ambush- Predator" Dinoflagellates - Bloom Dynamics and Physiology of
Prymnesium and Chrysochromulina - Autecology of the Marine Haptophyte
Phaeocystis sp. - Genetic Variation in Harmful Algal Bloom Species: An
Evolutionary Ecology Approach Other HAB Species - Bloom Dynamics and
Ecophysiology of Dinophysis spp. - Bloom Dynamics and Phyiology of
Domoic-Acid-Producing Pseudo-nitzschia Species - Community Dynamics and
Physiology of Epiphytic/Benthic Dinoflagellates Associated with Ciguatera -
Aspects of Noctiluca (Dinophyceae) Population Dynamics - Development of
Nucleic Acid Probe-Based Diagnostics for Identifying and Enumerating Harmful
Algal Bloom Species - Parasites of Harmful Algae Autecology: Synthesis -
Concluding Remarks on the Autecology of Harmful Algal Blooms Theme 2:
Ecophysiolgical Processes and Mechanisms Ecophysiological Role of Toxin
Production - Ecophysiology and Metabolism of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins in
Marine Microalgae - Ecophysiology and Metabolism of ASP Toxin Production -
Ecophysiology and Biosynthesis of Polyether Marine Biotoxins Zooplankton
Grazing - Interactions Between Toxic Marine Phytoplankton and Metazoan and
Protistan Grazers Eutrophication and Nutrient Supply - Species Composition
of Harmful Algal Blooms in Relation to Macronutrient Dynamics - Trace
Elements and Harmful Algal Blooms - Utilization of Dissolved Organic Matter
(DOM) by Phytoplankton, Including Harmful Species - Phagotrophic Mechanisms
and Prey Selection in Mixotrophic Phytoflagellates - The Ecological
Significance of Phagotrophy in Photosynthetic Flagellates Swimming Behaviour
Buoyancy and Small-Scale Physical Processes - Behaviour, Physiology and the
Niche of Depth-Regulating Phytoplankton - A Comparison of How Different
Orientation Behaviours Influence Dinoflagellate Trajectories and
Photoresponses in Turbulent Water Columns - Effects of Turbulence on
Phytoplankton Bacterial Interactions with Harmful Algal Bloom Species -
Bacterial Interactions with Harmful Algal Bloom Species: Bloom Ecology,
Toxigenesis, and Cytology - Ecophysiological Processes and Mechanisms:
Towards Common Paradigms for Harmful Algal Blooms Microalgae ASI
Participants List Index. XIX, 662 pp. 201 figs., 1 in color, 45 tabs.
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