apology and right address for NEAS

Dr. Morgan L. Vis vis-chia at oak.cats.ohiou.edu
Tue Feb 2 13:50:18 EST 1999

	Sorry the url for NEAS did not work. I tested it out this time and here is
the correct one: (http://www.seagrant.uconn.edu/NEAS.html)
Apologies, Morgan
Dr. Morgan L. Vis 
Environmental & Plant Biology 
Ohio University  Athens OH  45701 USA 
Phone 740 593-1134 Fax 740 593-1130 
E-mail vis-chia at ohiou.edu 
Internet www.plantbio.ohiou.edu 
Be sure to check out the algae homepage (lots of algae images) 
at  http://vis-pc.plantbio.ohiou.edu
& the latest Phycological Society of America information 
at http://www-as.phy.ohiou.edu/psa 

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