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Graduate Assistantship
Chemical Ecology of Antarctic Marine Organisms

A graduate assistantship in marine chemical ecology is available starting Fall
1999 in the laboratories of Drs. Chuck Amsler and Jim McClintock in the
Department of Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham. The research is
funded by the National Science Foundation and poses questions about the
evolution of chemical defenses using antarctic macroalgae and invertebrates as
models. Possible thesis projects could involve either or both groups of

The research will require expeditions to Palmer Station on the Antarctic
Peninsula in early 2000 and late 2001, each lasting approximately 2 months.
Students with the ability to work in very cold water by scuba diving are
preferred. (The diving will be in open waters, not under ice.) Ph.D. students
or M.S. students intending to continue towards the Ph.D. are preferred. An
overview of our group and past research is available at:

The Department of Biology has a research emphasis in the comparative
physiology, biochemistry, and ecophysiology of marine and freshwater organisms.
More information on the Biology Department and Graduate Program is available

UAB is a Carnegie Level I research university with well over $200 million per
year in extramural research support. Birmingham is located in north central
Alabama, near the southern terminus of the Appalachian Mountains.  The metro
area has about 1 million residents. UAB is the largest employer and health care
is the major industry. More information on UAB and the Birmingham area is
linked to the above Biology Department URL.

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Department of Biology
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294-1170

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   Department of Biology,  University of Alabama at Birmingham

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