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The Illustrated Glossary of Protoctista by Margulis, McKhann and Olendzenski
(1993) contains the following note about this phylum:

"Phylum of chitinous-walled, heterotrophic, aquatic and soil protoctists which
form undulipodiated zoospores and display absorptive nutrition.  Filamentous or
thalloid organisms that form sporangia that release undulipodiated propagules
(zoospores), some of which may behave as gametes and fuse.  Zoospores may
transform into or fuse with the developing sporangium.  Cells contain
microbody-lipid globule complex (MLC).  Some are necrotrophs in plants."

>From the description, I suspected some would argue for classifying these as part
of the Kingdom Fungi (e.g. chitinous-walled with absorptive nutrition).  In fact
the Encyclopedia Britannica (CD-ROM 1998) does just that:


a class of fungi (kingdom Fungi) distinguished by having zoospores (motile cells)
with a single, posterior, whiplash structure (flagellum). Species are microscopic
in size, and most are found in freshwater or wet soils. Most are parasites of
algae and animals or live on organic debris (as saprobes)."

Hope this gets you started.  Look on a web search engine such as Yahoo for
"taxonomy" or "classification of organisms" and variants.  There are several

Good luck.

David Goldstein

TomDKatz at wrote:

> I am a student in high school currently enrolled in the Advanced Placement
> Biology course at my school. I have to make a presentation on the Phylum
> Chytridomycota. Unfortunately, all attempts to find information on this
> seemingly obscure phylum have failed. I am writing to ask if anyone knows of a
> web site where I can find the information I need. A prompt response would be
> much appreciated (I don't want to leave the thing to the last minute). Thank
> you!!

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