micropaleontolgists needed, ODP 188

Jere H. Lipps jlipps at ucmp1.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 29 16:13:42 EST 1999

Nannofossi and radiolarian specialists, palynologist needed

ODP Leg 188 (Prydz Bay region, Antarctica- 13 Jan-6 Mar 2000) offers an
opportunity for an experienced nannofossil specialist, an experienced
radiolarian specialist, and an experienced palynologist to participate in
shipboard studies.  Leg 188 will drill three sites across the Antarctic
margin, to investigate Cenozoic glacial history and the links between
glacial and Southern Ocean events.  Holes are planned a) on the continental
rise in drift and deep-ocean deposits extending back into Oligocene time;
b) on the mid-slope
in mixed terrigenous and ocean sediment sections of likely late Miocene and
younger age; and c) on the continental shelf in shallow marine to non-marine
sections of Oligocene to Cretaceous age (earliest glaciation). Prior
drilling in Prydz Bay region (Leg 119) shows nannofossil concentrations to
be small but present, and useful in age determinations and related studies.
For further information, see the ODP web site (http://www-odp.tamu.edu/) or
contact the co-chief scientists:  Phillip O'Brien (Phil.OBrien at agso.gov.au)
or Alan Cooper (alan at octopus.wr.usgs.gov).

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