SECOND NOTICE: Friday Harbor Summer 2000 field course in Marine Algae; the application deadline is upon us!

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Fri Feb 18 16:15:44 EST 2000

Marine Algae (Phytoplankton and Seaweeds) at University of Washington's
Friday Harbor Laboratories

Botany 545b (9 credits) Summer 2000 ("B" term: July 17-August 19, 2000). 
The course overlaps with the end of the Phycological Society of American
meeting in San Diego.  Therefore, it is OK for students attending the PSA
meeting to arrive a few days late for the course at Friday Harbor.  Please
make us aware of this when you send in the course application. Note that
the application deadline is March 01, 2000 for first priority

Summary: This course explores the diversity of marine algae with an
emphasis on the practical skills required to identify the organisms. 
Approximately equal emphasis will be placed on phytoplankton (diatoms,
dinoflagellates, other phytoflagellates) and on seaweeds (benthic
macroalgae).  The easy access to the rich flora of Puget Sound and the
excellent research and microscopy facilities of Friday Harbor Laboratories
will allow an in-depth introduction to techniques and literature used for
seaweed and phytoplankton identification.  Lecture topics will include: 
evolutionary survey of major groups of algae, algal survival adaptations
(reproduction, life histories, functional morphology, interactions with
competitors and predators), and the ecological role of algae in coastal
and oceanic ecosystems. Many intertidal and shipboard field trips in
additon to hands-on lab work will introduce participants to the techniques
essential for collection, identification, and cultivation of algae from
their diverse natural habitats.

This course is appropriate for marine biologists, phycologists, botanists
and oceanographers with interests in marine biodiversity, conservation
biology, intertidal ecology and phytoplankton ecology.  Graduate students
and advanced undergraduates students (juniors, seniors) are encouraged to
apply.  We will modify the course content to some extent based on the
interests of the enrolled students, but we will certainly cover red, green
and brown seaweeds plus the most common "nuisance" groups of marine
microalgae- diatoms, dinoflagellates, "golden" flagellates. This course
will be offered at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor
Laboratories on San Juan Island, Washington.  Faculty: Craig D. Sandgren,
Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Michael W. Hawkes,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia. 

For more details about the course, costs, financial aid, and other
on-going activities at Friday Harbor Laboratories, please visit the course
web site: OR the FHL
curriculum web site: 

You may download application forms from the FHL Web Site or apply using
e-mail to admin at Deadline(s): Applications will be
reviewed starting March 1, 2000.  Later applications will be considered at
any time if space is available.

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