Antarctic Biology Course

Deneb Karentz karentzd at
Mon Jun 5 21:04:34 EST 2000

"Integrative Biology and Adaptation of Antarctic Marine Organisms"

This National Science Foundation sponsored course will be held in 
Antarctica at the United States' McMurdo Station. This is an 
international course, open to all nationalities. Applications are 
invited from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other 
research scientists who are interested in the biology of Antarctic 
organisms. The course will accommodate up to 24 students. Full 
scholarships are available to each student accepted into the course 
to cover the cost of travel from home institution to Antarctica, and 
room and board while in Antarctica. The emphasis of the course is on 
integrative biology with laboratory and field based projects focused 
on adaptations in an extreme polar environment. Modern laboratory 
facilities for experimental work, sophisticated operational support 
for field collection, and offering the program in Antarctica, make 
this course unique. A diverse teaching faculty will offer students 
the possibility of working on a wide range of Antarctic organisms 
(bacteria, algae, invertebrates, and fish), as well as working at 
different levels of biological analysis (molecular biology to 
physiological ecology and species biodiversity). For additional 
information about the themes of the course in January 2001, the 
teaching faculty, and the application process, see the United States 
Antarctic Program's Web site at (use the link 
option to the Biology Course). Deadline for receipt of completed 
applications and letters of reference is June 30th 2000.

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