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Dear all of you.
Sorry if you will get this message twice since it is 
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I am interested in having some more clues about the 
period of Eukaryogenesis (the further evolution of 
photosynthetic Prokaryotes and the emergence of 
nucleated cells) which took place ~ 1.5 to around the 
2 Bybp.  Also, what are the connections between the 
evolution of Eukaryotes and the rise in oxygen?  
Or, the rise in oxygen around 2.2 Bybp and the 
evolution of Eukaryotes.  Further, what are there 
any correlation between the nutrient requirements 
and oxygen evolving efficiencies of the Pro-and 
Eukaryotes and how the two kingdoms differ? 

Thanking your for your prompt cooperation. 
Joseph Seckbach 



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