Buffers and programs on http://www.molbiol.edu.ru/eng

Aleksey Soldatov soldatov at molgen.mpg.de
Thu Oct 26 15:04:53 EST 2000

A lot of useful resources on http://www.molbiol.edu.ru/eng

In "Protocols" section you will find a large list of recipes of salt
solutions, laboratory buffers, media, antibiotics etc.
In "Calculations" section there are a number of small programs, 
will help in common laboratory calculations (weight - molar 
for proteins and nucleic acids; [krpm] - [kg] conversion for
centrifugation; estimation of time for bacteria growth;
spectrophotometric measurement of nucleic acids concentration 
and so
BioMail is a program that simplifies and automates searching for
biological and medical literature. BioMail will search PubMed, the
largest publically available online database for biomedical journals,
using your search terms. BioMail then e-mails you the results weekly,
biweekly or monthly as you choose.
The site is predominantly in Russian. Here we translated only the

for which we did not find English analogues.


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