Finding Reprint Authors' E-Mail Addresses

Richard Gordon gordonr at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Thu Feb 8 08:42:06 EST 2001

Eric Cowdrey and I have put together a web page that makes it 
relatively easy to find the e-mail addresses of academic colleagues,
for the purpose of requesting reprints:

Finding Reprint Authors' E-Mail Addresses

There are no a d v e r t i s e m e n t s or costs. If you use it,
please let us know of omissions, corrections, or improvements 
like, and forward it to your colleagues and create a link. -- 

Dr. Richard Gordon, Radiology, University of Manitoba, HSC Rm. GA216,
820 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg R3A 1R9 Canada Adjunct: Electrical &
Computer Engineering, Exec Member: CSTB, CARRF, IEEE-EMBS
phone:(204)789-3828, fax:(204)787-2080, e-mail:
GordonR at New book: The Hierarchical Genome &
Differentiation Waves: Novel Unification of Development, Genetics &
Evolution: Finding
Reprint Authors' E-Mail Addresses:

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