Marine ciliate on Zyzzyzus polyps

Carlos Jose Alexandre Campos hidrosopmac at
Fri Apr 5 08:58:47 EST 2002

Hello all,

I`m an undergraduate student in Marine Biology from the University 
the Azores (Portugal) having a formal trainership under the
supervision of Dr.A.C. Marques (Univ. of S=E3o Paulo,Brasil) and Dr. 
E. Migotto (Centro de Biologia Marinha - USP). My project 
concerns the
revision of the hydrozoan Zyzzyzus,a tubulariid genus comprising 
species, one of which present in Brazilian waters. In this species
(Zyzzyzus warreni Calder, 1988), I found (S=E3o Sebasti=E3o Channel, 
Paulo State: 23=B049.727`S,45=B025.364`W) a marine ciliate moving around
the aboral tentacles in a clockwise rotation, changing directions
several times.

Images are available at:

I would appreciate suggestions of an ID for this ciliate.
(still have several other images for the interested ones)

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Campos

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