Save my algea culture!

Goumenou Marina mtg67 at
Thu Feb 6 13:49:25 EST 2003

I am a chemist trying to save my algea culture (nannochloris saline
for experimental purpose) from protozoans infection. I tried to filter
my culture with 5um polycarbonate membrane filter but I am not sure
that this will help. I use sterilized water (autoclivaged) with
salinity c.a. 3.5% (prepared with commercial salt for this purpose), I
add vitamins, trace metals and salts and I give a constant flow of air
through a pump. In the past, I did not have problems but now at any
new trial, my culture collaps after a while (turns braun from green).
I noticed in my microscope that I have protozoans and so Maybe this 
my problem. I would appreciate any suggestion and any kind of 
information. Thanking you in andvance. Marina

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